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The IMPRESS Standards Code was developed with and for the public. It was written by the IMPRESS Code Committee after a rigorous and transparent consultation process in 2016. As a result, IMPRESS's is the first co-created Standards Code for the print and digital press in the United Kingdom.

At IMPRESS we want to honour our commitment to collaborating with the British public by providing further opportunities for the public to develop the Code. We seek to continiously improve our Standards Code, according to the challenges of a changing digital environment and the new realities that journalism faces today.

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Who can participate? 

Any individual or organisation can make a case for change to any aspect of the Code or Guidance.

How to make a submission to the IMPRESS Standards Code

To submit comments to our Standards Code, you simply need to get in touch with us. You can send your your submission to codereview@impressreg.org.uk or complete our Code Review online form.

Your submission can be long or short, cover broad topics or narrow areas of interest. You are welcome to make general comments or set out specific tailored recommendations for change.

What happens next?

1. One of our Executives will acknowledge your response and forward it on to the Code Committee Secretary to be tabled at the next annual Code Committee meeting.

2. Our Code Committee will review all submissions in their annual meeting. They will then consider if there is a case for change to the Code or Guidance.

3. If there is a case for change, the Code Committee will table that item for the Full Code Review. The Full Code Review will take place no later than July 2022 and we will announce the full specifications of the process closer to the time.


IMPRESS is committed to raising ethical journalism standards in the UK. And you can be a part of this, by participating in our Ongoing Code Review, open to the public.


Make a Submission

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