CODE REVIEW 2020-2022

IMPRESS is undertaking a comprehensive review of its Standards Code and Guidance, led by its Code Committee


The IMPRESS Standards Code are the rules by which we regulate the news gathering activities and published material of regulated publications. We first launched these rules in 2017 after extensive research and consultation.

IMPRESS is actively engaging with organisations, stakeholders and readers in this process. Following the open call for evidence (November 2020 - February 2021), we are now hosting a series of workshops (February 2021 - February 2022) with a range of organisations on issues like children and youth, discrimination, fairness, journalism online, free speech, and others. We plan to consult on a new version of the Code later in 2022.

If you or your organisation would like to take part or meet with our team, please contact us at 

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Code review timeline 

The IMPRESS Code Review process started with the opening of our call for evidence period in November 2020 and is set to come to a close in 2022 when a new or revised IMPRESS Standards Code will be published.

The timeline below provides a high-level overview of the different phases of the code review process. 


Get involved!

Do you have suggestions of how the IMPRESS Standards Code might be revised to continue to meet the needs of both the public and publishers? We'd love to hear from you as part of our code review!

For more information about the ongoing IMPRESS Code Review and to find out how you can participate as an organisation, publisher or member of the public, please email


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