IMPRESS offers an arbitration service for bringing legal claims against publishers as an alternative to going to court. Claims can be made by individuals or organisations against any of the publishers that are regulated by IMPRESS.

The IMPRESS/CIArb scheme relates to civil claims between a claimant and a participating publisher for:

(a) defamation;

(b) breach of confidence;

(c) misuse of private information;

(d) malicious falsehood;

(e) harassment.

Please note, we are engaging in consultation with our members to include civil claims between a claimant and a participating publisher for potential data protection breaches under our arbitration scheme to fulfil the requirements of data protection legislation currently before Parliament.  

Arbitration involves an independent third party – an arbitrator – who considers all the facts of the case and comes to a decision.

Our arbitration scheme is designed to be simple and straightforward. All the deatils regarding the scheme can be downloaded in full here. For more details on how the IMPRESS arbitration scheme works, click here.

At IMPRESS, arbitrators are appointed by the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, the leading non-profit body in the field of arbitration.

You can download an arbitration request form here.