Joining IMPRESS: Requirements

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These are some of the requirements for publishers who want to apply to be regulated by us:

  • Standards: All members of IMPRESS will be required to uphold the IMPRESS Standards Code, a progressive practical tool which sets out the minimum professional standards to be expected of news publishers and journalists.
  • Trust in journalism: Our members display the IMPRESS kitemark. A sign of the commitment of our publishers to the principles of trusted journalism. It also helps readers to know that if they need to raise a complaint, their concerns will be properly addressed.
  • Annual reporting: We will need to count with updated information on complaints and compliance issues on an annual basis. This information will be included in our Annual Report.
  • Complaints handling: Before we get involved in a complaint, we ask all complainants to talk to you – the publisher – first. This allows publishers and journalists to maintain good relationships with their sources and audiences. We ask that every publisher has an adequate and speedy approach to complaints-handling. We can help you set this up if you don't already have a system in place.
  • Compliance with investigations: Sometimes, if a complaint is made to IMPRESS, we may need to conduct an investigation into what has happened. We ask publishers and complainants to provide access to any relevant information.
  • ‚ÄčAdvisory Notices: We ask you to act on Advisory Notices that we may issue to publishers to warn or advise that identified individuals do not welcome press intrusion, if a request is made.
  • Decent employment standards: We believe that the best journalism happens when journalists feel secure in their employment. We ask that publishers include provisions in the contracts with their journalists which will protect them if they choose to inform IMPRESS about ethical issues within their place of work.
  • Contract: Publications who join IMPRESS are asked to sign a five-year contract. This can be terminated with six months' notice.

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