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Consultation period

This consultation was open for four weeks, and closed 5pm on Wednesday 6 July 2016.

About the consultation

IMPRESS, the first truly independent regulator of the UK press, has launched a consultation into its financial arrangements. The consultation is open to all news publishers and those with an interest in press regulation, including existing and potential members of IMPRESS.

Jonathan Heawood, IMPRESS CEO, said: ‘We aim to be not only the most independent and effective press regulator but also the most economically efficient, providing a high-quality service at a low cost. Our complaints-handling system is free for members of the public to use. Our whistleblowing hotline is free for journalists. We offer arbitration at a minimal cost to members of the public and we subsidise the cost of arbitration for publishers with annual turnover below £1m.’

‘We are seeking feedback on our financial arrangements not only from existing members but also from potential future members and from others who have an interest in our work and who want to make constructive suggestions.’

Comments are invited on IMPRESS’s fee structure, which is currently a banded scale depending on publisher turnover and has been designed to keep administrative costs to a minimum. Views are being sought on whether using financial turnover is a fair measure and whether publishers would prefer a ‘polluter pays’ arrangement in which members are charged a mixture of subscriptions and complaints-handling fees. Under a polluter pays model, publishers that generate more complaints would pay higher charges. 

Comments are also invited on whether IMPRESS should develop a mixed financial model to include a blend of revenue from fees, grants, donations and other services.



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