Compliance with the IMPRESS Regulatory Scheme

Being regulated by IMPRESS means operating ethically.

Being an ethical publisher under an approved system of self-regulation of the press means a publisher is:

  • Operating transparently.
  • Has satisfactory systems in place to deal with complaints and compliance.
  • Adheres to the IMPRESS Regulatory Scheme and Standards Code.


To make sure regulated publications continue to be compliant with our scheme, we run:

  • Interim compliance checks throughout the year.
  • And an annual compliance return check at the end of each financial year. 

Goals of the Annual compliance returns:

  1. To make sure all governance information for all our regulated publications is up to date.
  2. To make sure that their complaints and compliance systems are working correctly, according to the IMPRESS Regulatory Scheme.
  3. To gather information about the complaints publishers have received, whether the complaints were accepted or dismissed and to understand how complaints were resolved. 

>> We check that publishers continue to be compliantoperate ethically and are accountable to the public.

More information.

Are you an IMPRESS-regulated publisher?

Check out our handy FAQ sheet and how-to video for advice on how to complete your annual return. 

Completing your Annual Return




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>>  Are you regulated by IMPRESS and have questions about your Annual Compliance Return?