Complaint Adjudication - 148/2018

148/2018 A person (the Complainant) and Byline

Publication: Byline
Date of complaint: 18 May 2018
Date complaint accepted: 21 May 2018
Date of Adjudication: 28 August 2018
Relevant Clauses: Harassment 5.1; Justice 6.3; and Privacy 7.2 of the IMPRESS Standards Code
Outcome: Complaint dismissed. No breach

Summary of Complaint

1.1 The Complainant is a person and directly affected by an alleged breach of the Code.

1.2 The Publisher is Byline Media, that has been regulated by IMPRESS since 14 September 2016.

1.3 The complaint is assessed against the IMPRESS Standards Code.

The relevant clauses are:

Clause 5 (Harassment)

5.1. Publishers must ensure that journalists do not engage in intimidation.

Clause 6 (Justice)

6.3. Publishers must preserve the anonymity of victims of sexual offences, except as permitted by law or with the express consent of the person.

Clause 7 (Privacy)

7.2. Except where justified by the public interest, publishers must take all reasonable steps not to exacerbate grief or distress through intrusive newsgathering or reporting.

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148/2018 A person and Byline