Finance & Audit Committee

The Finance  & Audit Committee provides independent oversight of and advice to the IMPRESS Board on the adequacy and effectiveness of the organisation’s financial control and reporting systems, recommends to the Members the appointment of suitable external auditors, and advises the Board on Internal Audit arrangements as well as ensuring that adequate levels of external and internal audit are maintained.

Two members of the IMPRESS Board - Walter Merricks CBE, Pam Vick and David Robinson (Committee Chair) - sit on the Finance & Audit Committee.

Finance & Audit Committee Members

Richard Fass is a Chartered Accountant with a strong background in finance, and was previously Managing Director of the Jewish Chronicle Newspaper as well as Head of Finance of the Alzheimer's Society. Richard has a wealth of experience in mental health trusts. He is currently the Treasurer of the Benevolent Fund of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain, an independent member of the Finance Committee of the Physiological Society, and a Trustee and chair of the Marketing, Communications & Fundraising Committee of Brandon Trust.

Author, journalist and technologist James Flint is the internationally acclaimed author of four novels: Habitus, 52 Ways to Magic America, The Book of Ash and, most recently, Midland. In 2002 his short story ‘The Nuclear Train’ was adapted for Channel 4, and his journalism has appeared in Wired, the Guardian and Dazed & Confused among others. Previously editor-in-chief of the Telegraph’s weekly world edition, he is now co-founder and CEO of the health communications start-up Hospify.