IMPRESS Code Review: Call for Evidence

​​​​​IMPRESS launched a comprehensive review of its Standards Code and Guidance, led by its Code Committee. The first stage of the 2020-22 Code review involved a call for evidence, open between 23 November 2020 and 26 February 2021. Through this process we invited submissions and evidence on a specific range of issues to help us draft a revised IMPRESS Standards Code that continues to be relevant and fit for purpose in the changing world we live in. 


Call for Evidence Report

The report below is a summary of the submissions from individuals and organisations received during our open call for evidence on seven key themes: accuracy, children, discrimination, fairness, harassment, journalism online and public safety. 

The evidence collected during this stage will inform future stages of the Code review process, including research, workshops and further consultation. Further public consultation on a new version of the IMPRESS Standards Code will take place in 2022.


If you or your organisation would like to take part in the IMPRESS Code Review 2020-22, please contact the team at 


Please note the below submissions do not reflect the views of the IMPRESS Executive, Board or Code Committee – rather they reflect the views of those that submitted responses to the Call for Evidence. IMPRESS will continue to engage widely with the public to seek views that are representative of the general population and its diverse communities.


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