CODE REVIEW | Call for evidence: Frequently Asked Questions

The Code Review call for evidence has now closed, thank you to all who took part.

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We will publish more details about the submissions we received in due course.



What is the IMPRESS Standards Code and what does it mean for publishers?

The IMPRESS Standards Code sets out the rules by which we regulate the news gathering activities and published material of regulated publications. We can accept complaints, investigate, and adjudicate on matters relevant to the Code; we cannot act on matters that fall outside of the Code. That means publishers must ensure they are complying with all aspects of the Code.

Who can take part in this call for evidence?

Any individual or organisation can participate, whether you have a direct interest in journalism or not. We all have a stake in the public interest served by high-quality journalism and so should be able to take part in conversations about improving quality and trustworthiness. We ask that you provide us with details about yourself so that we can keep you up to date and informed about the Code Review process.

Who will review the evidence?

The IMPRESS Staff will review the evidence, and then sort and arrange it in such a way that best represents the information to the Code Committee for their consideration.

Why is the code being reviewed, and what does this mean for IMPRESS’ current standards?

2022 will mark 5 years since the Code was first developed in 2016. Journalism and UK society has changed in that time, not least because of the rise of digital journalism and the public’s changing consumption of news. We want to ensure the Code is up to date and fit for purpose, suited to the changing realities of journalism now and in the future. The existing Code will remain in effect till such time as any revised Code is implemented. 

Are submissions confidential, or will they be made public?

You can request that your identity is kept confidential. We will not publish the submission in their entirety. However, the evidence itself is not likely to be kept confidential as it may form the basis of the Code Committee’s further investigation and analysis. We will do our best to remove identifying information in the evidence, but this may not always be possible. Please keep that in mind when making your submission.

Can submissions include evidence for more than one theme or code clause?

You can submit evidence on all issues set out in the Call. You can choose to submit a full response on all issues you with to cover or separate the evidence under the relevant drop-down category when using the webform. 

Why does the process extend into 2022?

We want to ensure that any changes to the Code follows a robust evidence-led process. The Code Review will undergo various stages of consultation, analysis, drafting and revision. These stages will take time to progress and complete. We anticipate any new revised Code will be launched by 2022.

What type of changes to the IMPRESS Standards can we expect as a result of the process? Will the Code change altogether?

We are not in a position to comment on whether there will be any changes to the Code. It might be the case that the Code Committee advises there is no case for change. This is the reason we need a robust process informed by evidence. We will update submitters in due course on any proposed changes to the Code, and invite you to comment on the proposals during a full consultation at that time.

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