IMPRESS Code Consultation (CLOSED)

IMPRESS recently conducted a public consultation on proposed changes to its Standards Code and guidance. These are the rules by which we regulate the news gathering activities of our 190+ regulated publications.


Since November 2020 we have consulted with the journalism industry, civic society and the public through our Code Review process to seek insights and expertise on how the Code can be updated to ensure it remains fit for purpose for the future of journalism. 

The IMPRESS Code Committee is in the process of drafting a new, updated Standards Code for the press. IMPRESS ran a six week public consultation on proposed changes to the Standards Code and Guidance which closed on 8 April 2022. These proposals included changes to reflect the rise of journalism online and proposals which seek to make the standards code more equitable, including lowering the threshold for what amounts to discrimination and re-centering children’s rights and safeguarding needs with regards to the media. 

The Code Committee is now considering the new Code in light of the consultation submissions we received.

For any questions regarding the consultation process or wider code review, please contact us at 

This consultation closed on the 8 April 2022. 



Code Consultation Paper

This document contextualises and explains changes to the IMPRESS Standards Code and Guidance proposed by the Code Committee. The paper also outlines the consultation questions that respondents can address in their submissions when providing feedback on the Code updates.




New Standards Code and Guidance 

The IMPRESS Code and Guidance has now been combined into a single document. As well as featuring the suggested changes to Code clauses, new definitions and notes have been added to assist publishers and journalists when following the Code.