Code Committee

Our Code is the ultimate responsibility of the IMPRESS Board. The Code Committee is composed of experts who are responsible for advising the Board on the Code, and for drafting our guidance on the Code. The Committee was recruited through a fair and open process. 

Code Committee Members

It includes ex officio members: IMPRESS Chair Walter Merricks, IMPRESS Board members Andrea Wills (who chairs the Committee), Iain Christie, and Emma Jones.

The other members of the IMPRESS Code Committee are:

Vanessa Baird, Co-Editor of New Internationalist magazine. Her journalistic career, spanning four decades, includes local newspapers and radio in the UK and working in Peru during the tumultuous 1980s. As co-editor and writer at New Internationalist, she has focused on issues relating to human rights, and social, economic and environmental justice, publishing in magazines and books. She is an Amnesty International Human Rights Media Award winner and has a keen interest in media independence, ethics and reform.


Gavin PhilipsonGavin Phillipson, Professor of Law at Durham University and a visiting scholar at the Universities of Melbourne and the LSE. He is author of Media Freedom under the UK Human Rights Act (2006, OUP) and has written over twenty articles and book chapters on media and free speech issues. His work on privacy has been cited by the highest courts in the UK and overseas and he has spoken on media freedom and other issues at leading Universities around the world in the US, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, France and the Netherlands. He was the academic member of the Ministry of Justice Working Group on libel reform and his work in that area was cited extensively by Parliament's Joint Committee on Human Rights.  

Matt Walsh is head of the department of journalism, media and performance studies at the University of Northampton. Prior to joining the university in 2014, he spent 20 years as a journalist in broadcast and digital media. In 1999, Matt joined ITN from the BBC as a reporter and rose to become deputy editor of the ITV News Channel. He covered stories such as the 9/11 attacks, the Iraq war and the 7/7 suicide bombings. He also executive produced political programmes, including ITV’s coverage of the 2004 American presidential election. In 2006, he moved to The Times to establish the multimedia journalism department before returning to ITN as an executive producer. Matt combines teaching with industry work for international organisations, such as Thomson Reuters and Al Jazeera, and writing a PhD on the impact of social media on political journalism.

Paul WraggDr Paul Wragg, Associate Professor of Law at the University of Leeds. His research speciality is in press regulation and press freedom. He has written extensively about the Leveson inquiry into press culture and its compatibility with the notion of press freedom. His work has been published in leading journals in the UK and abroad. He was recently cited by the Australian Law Reform Commission in its inquiry into Australian privacy law.

Lorna Woods, Professor of Internet Law at the University of Essex. Professor Woods has extensive experience both as a solicitor in media and ICT law, and as an author publishing in the fields of media law and regulation, and of human rights.  She has been involved in numerous studies on media regulation and journalistic freedoms for the European Commission and the Council of Europe. She currently teaches freedom of expression, privacy, EU law and copyright.

Jonathan Collett is an experienced media and communications professional with a strong background in the news industry and press regulation, having worked in high-ranking positions for News International, the Press Complaints Commission and the Advertising Association. Earlier in his career he held senior roles in the Conservative Party, as spokesman for Michael Ancram on foreign affairs and subsequently for Michael Howard as party leader.  For six years he was director of the Bruges Group, the pro-Brexit think-tank founded by Margaret Thatcher. He now runs his own consultancy, Jonathan Collett Public Relations Ltd.