Spotlight On | Pam Vick, IMPRESS Board Member: “IMPRESS can help publishers to build their brand based on high journalistic standards, accountability and public trust – surely what every publisher is aiming for?”


Pam Vick first joined the Board of IMPRESS in November 2019. She has over 25 years’ experience in the marketing and advertising industries, has established her own business development and marketing consultancy and is an Ambassador for Women on Boards UK.

In our latest Spotlight On interview, Pam shares how she came to join the IMPRESS journey, her thoughts on the need to continually adapt and why IMPRESS membership is a no-brainer for ambitious news brands.

> Tell us a bit about you: what’s your background?

A three-phase career to date. I started in corporate marketing roles, first in a leading global ad agency group and then on the client side, working with major blue-chip organisations like Procter & Gamble, Cadbury, Sanyo, Perrier, Kraft General Foods, Hertz and Express Newspapers. I then founded my own business development consultancy 20 years ago. Currently I am building my NED and board advisory portfolio and am very proud that IMPRESS is part of this latest journey.


> What inspired you to join the Board of a press regulator?

The NED roles I apply to always have a social purpose of some kind as that’s important to me. I am passionate about the freedom of the media in the public interest, but equally about the accountability and public trust that must sit alongside this freedom, especially with growing public concern regarding media manipulation and disinformation.


> How would you describe your experience at IMPRESS? What have you learned so far?

I have learned that there is so much that I don’t know still about the history of press regulation in the UK! It’s an ongoing learning curve involving a great deal of background reading. I’ve also learned that the team at IMPRESS are a fantastically diverse and committed team of people – a team I am proud to be a part of.


The IMPRESS code for example assists journalists by promoting and supporting the quality of their work. 

> Why do you think press standards are important?

For two key reasons – one on each side, if you like. The IMPRESS code for example assists journalists by promoting and supporting the quality of their work.  And on the other side, it also aims to protect the public from invasive journalistic practices, unethical news reporting and “fake news”. 


> What opportunities and challenges do you see for high-quality journalism in the UK in the near future?

A key challenge, as we have already seen in the drafting of the online harms bill, is what constitutes news reporting, and particularly the role of private social media companies in enforcing new regulations about who qualifies as a news publisher and what counts as journalism.

The fragmentation of the media over the last 5 years especially in the digital space however also presents opportunities in terms of the multiple channels and formats now available in terms of the distribution of quality journalism.


> What recent developments within the media industry excite you the most?

I’m particularly excited about the increasing number of channels available to quality journalism over and above historical print nowadays – short form video, podcasts, social media etc. Personally, I am increasingly drawn to audio channels such as podcasts.


> How can IMPRESS continue to support the public and publishers as the industry develops and adapts into the future?

By continuing to remain at the forefront of the industry, adapting and growing as the industry itself changes and grows.

A great example is the current public consultation on proposed changes to its Standards Code and guidance.


> Why do you think publishers should join IMPRESS?

IMPRESS can help publishers to build their brand based on high journalistic standards, accountability and public trust – surely that is what every publisher is aiming for? The support and resources available to members such as legal protections, standards advice and a peer group network across the UK far exceed the cost of joining.


Pam Vick is a highly regarded commercial business development and strategic consultant to Boards. She is an Ambassador for Women on Boards UK and an Advisor for of Boardroom Advisors, an organisation that provides part-Time CEOs, MDs, and NEDs internationally. Pam is a Trustee of The British Ecological Society, sits on an Advisory Board for the charity DEBRA, is a member of the Chairman’s Network, and has contributed to advertising effectiveness textbooks and articles including IPA Advertising Effectiveness Awards. Her executive board and C-Suite experience includes positions as Group Regional Director of Leo Burnett, a $1.5b global advertising agency, Chief Global Marketing Officer for StepStone, a €500m online recruitment European IPO success story, and European Marketing Director of Hertz, the leading travel brand.