PRP calls on Parliament to take action to build on progress made by IMPRESS

The Press Recognition Panel (PRP) has released its fifth annual report to Parliament on the regulation of news publishers in the UK. The PRP reports on progress made in implementing the public protection reforms recommended by the 2012 Leveson Inquiry. The report concludes that political interference and involvement has prevented the recognition system from covering the majority of publishers as intended and calls on Parliament to take action to protect the public.

The report says that the establishment and recognition of IMPRESS has led to an increase in standards and public protections with regards to its members.

“There is so far only one approved regulator IMPRESS. It has though continued to expand and has established itself as an effective independent regulatory body that is attracting members."

"Importantly, IMPRESS has extended independent regulation to areas of news publishing that were previously unregulated.”

However, it also reports that the impact of IMPRESS is limited because a significant number of publishers are not covered by IMPRESS, and the section 40 protections are not in place, which leaves the majority of newspapers and news sites continuing to sit outside any independent system of regulation that protects the public. 

IMPRESS CEO Ed Procter said:

“IMPRESS continues to evolve and expand and is proud of our record in so far bringing over 100 news publishers into publicly accountable regulation over the past five years.  Our status as the only press regulator to be approved as independent and effective in law helps to protect member publishers and audiences.”



About the PRP and The Royal Charter

Following the exposure of alleged criminal activity and growing complaints about the behaviour of the press in the UK in 2011, the Leveson Inquiry made a series of recommendations for a new, more effective regulatory system. The PRP is the result of this Inquiry and was created by Royal Charter on 3 November 2014. More information about the Royal Charter can be found here.



IMPRESS regulates 170+ publications in the UK. We provide publishers and journalists with the protection and support they need to do their job. We offer complaints adjudication, free arbitration, a comprehensive insurance scheme and a progressive Standards Code, as well as an open code review process in which all members of the public can take part. We work in partnership with the public, publishers and key stakeholders to raise the standards of journalism.


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