NMA abandons legal challenge to IMPRESS’s status as an approved press regulator

The News Media Association (NMA) has abandoned its appeal against a Judicial Review ruling made by the High Court in October 2017. The Court rejected the NMA’s attempt to challenge the status of IMPRESS as the first ‘approved’ regulator, and the NMA lodged an appeal against this decision to the Court of Appeal.

Today the NMA has dropped its appeal a few days before the case was due to be heard, agreeing to pay the majority of IMPRESS’s legal costs.

IMPRESS CEO Jonathan Heawood said: “We are pleased that the NMA has finally dropped its groundless legal challenge against IMPRESS. We always believed that the NMA’s case was bound to fail – a position it now appears to have accepted by dropping the case and agreeing to pay most of our costs.”


  • The NMA sought judicial review of the PRP's decision to grant recognition of IMPRESS as an independent and effective press regulator. The NMA argued that the PRP misinterpreted and misapplied the Charter. It raised six points of argument, each one of which was soundly rejected by the Court in its judgement published on 12 October 2017 (available in full here).



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