Providing a Platform for the Next Generation

Steve McNought from Boundless Magazine talks to us about his innovative approach to give aspiring journalists the chance to write, which might otherwise not be available to them.

If you’re a disadvantaged young person with a talent for writing or a curiosity about the world and you want to report on what’s happening, the chances are that, even if you’re determined and motivated, there are not so many doors open to you to enter the world of journalism and reporting.

Steve McNought, who helps to edit Boundless Magazine, has first hand experience of this. Steve grew up on a council estate in London and struggled to get a foothold in journalism. 

In 2015, with initial support from the Prince’s Trust and Crisis, Steve set up Boundless Magazine, a hyperlocal where young people who lack experience and contacts but who want to write, can see their names in print. Boundless is a quarterly publication circulated in Bristol, Bath, Cardiff and some parts of London.

Steve explains, “The magazine has developed organically. It aims to give a voice to marginalised groups – much of our writing comes from people suffering from some kind of exclusion. Our purpose is to provide a platform for these young people who may be on probation or facing an uncertain future but who have the talent and drive to write about issues of importance to them. We mentor them, matching them up with experienced journalists who can assist with technical skills, encouragement and guidance.”  

Boundless Magazine’s first edition covered the issue of Bristol’s housing crisis including stories from people who recounted tough experiences and an investigative report that needed to be uncovered.

Steve and his team were drawn to the idea of joining IMPRESS because they believe in the idea of a truly accountable media. He says, “We need accountable, effective press regulation and IMPRESS represents the best chance we have of achieving this.”

As he looks to the future, Steve is positive about what’s ahead. “With our mentoring programmes evolving, our goal is to train our young reporters to be the best that they can be. Who knows maybe one day one of them will be head-hunted by a national.”