IMPRESS welcomes new guidance on media reporting of terror attacks


IMPRESS welcomes guidance published today by Survivors Against Terror (SAT) which calls on news organisations to adopt new reporting measures to protect terrorism survivors.

Ed Procter, CEO of IMPRESS said: ‘Our Standards Code seeks to protect the public from press intrusion during times of grief and trauma and encourages the responsible reporting of sensitive public issues, including terror attacks.

We welcome this new report and will consider its recommendations for how newsrooms and journalists should appropriately engage with terrorism survivors and the bereaved as part of our ongoing Code Review.”

IMPRESS has been one of a number of organisations to provide feedback on initial drafts of the SAT network’s guidance, which is based on the testimony of more than 100 individuals directly impacted by terrorism.



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The IMPRESS Code Review 2020-2022 is an ongoing process to ensure that the rules by which we regulate news publishers in the UK remain fit for purpose for the future of journalism. IMPRESS is actively engaging with organisations, stakeholders and readers on press standards as part of this process.


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