IMPRESS welcomes decision by Charity Commission to grant charitable status to Public Interest News Foundation

22 September 2020.

IMPRESS welcomes the announcement made today by the Charity Commission that it has awarded charitable status to the Public Interest News Foundation (PINF). The ruling that journalism can be charitable is a significant step forward in helping to sustain high-quality journalism that is for the public benefit.

IMPRESS CEO, Ed Procter said: “IMPRESS looks forward to working with the Public Interest News Foundation in our shared endeavour to promote high standards of ethical conduct and best practice in journalism”.

The Public Interest News Foundation grew out of an independent publisher taskforce convened by IMPRESS last year which sought to identify ways to better support high quality, public interest journalism after the Cairncross Review warned of a market failure of public interest news.

Whilst IMPRESS has provided initial support to get PINF off the ground, the two organisations are constitutionally separate. As PINF focuses on building capacity of public interest news producers through grants and mentoring, IMPRESS continues to work towards raising standards and providing support for high-quality reporting through an approved, publicly accountable regulatory scheme. 



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