IMPRESS regulates 100th publication

IMPRESS, the independent press regulator recognised under the Royal Charter for self-regulation of the press, is enjoying its period of fastest growth so far. In April eight new titles came under its regulatory remit, taking the total number of regulated publications to over 100. More than 30 additional publishers are going through pre-regulation compliance checks and a steady stream of publishers are applying to join each month.

Indx media Lead Editor Rich Dawson, one of the publications that joined IMPRESS recently, said:

“As someone entering the media world with a young, fresh pair of eyes it seems quite apparent that IMPRESS offers the most credible model of press regulation in the UK".

IMPRESS Chair Walter Merricks CBE said:

“Our membership has more than doubled over the past year. We are regulating an exciting mix of innovative publishers operating in international, national, regional, local and hyperlocal markets. Our members include publishers specialising in political analysis, social and environmental issues, arts, culture, finance and business. From Shetland, to Sheffield and Brixton to the Isle of Wight, almost all of the local and hyperlocal publishers that we regulate are owned by journalists who live in the communities that they report on.”

IMPRESS CEO Jonathan Heawood added:

“IMPRESS offers something new and different to publishers who want to build trust with their readers by signing up to the publicly accountable standards of regulation that were set out in the Leveson Inquiry. Our aim is to raise standards across the news publishing industry by offering regulatory choice to publishers and competition to other regulators who have sadly paid lip service to the Leveson reforms”. 

A complete list of IMPRESS’s members is available here.