IMPRESS Online Safety Bill briefing

IMPRESS has today published a briefing on the Government’s proposed Online Safety Bill. IMPRESS is asking lawmakers to challenge, scrutinise and improve the Bill in order to protect free expression, particularly legitimate journalism content, and properly address harms to the public wherever they occur online.

We believe that the Bill in its present form leaves the public vulnerable and exposed to online harms, and therefore falls short of the Government’s aim of making the UK the safest place to be online.

The proposed regulatory scheme:

  • Does not accord with existing law, and does not effectively protect the public;
  • Does not protect well-regulated journalism that serves the public interest; and
  • Could be used as a vehicle for bad faith actors to engage in online harms.

This briefing provides an overview of the key concerns raised by the Bill identified by IMPRESS and suggested quick fixes to improve its effectiveness, as well as an explainer on approved press regulation in support.

We'll be sharing this briefing with ministers, MPs, Lords and DCMS officials in the coming weeks.