IMPRESS members complete 2019 Annual Compliance Returns

All IMPRESS regulated publications have now successfully completed their annual compliance returns – a core obligation under the regulatory scheme. The 2019 process, completed in July, has now concluded.

What are Annual Compliance Returns?

Every publication regulated by IMPRESS is required to submit important regulatory information at the end of each financial year. This process re-confirms that each publisher:

  • Has a transparent internal governance structure.
  • Has the proper internal processes in place to deal with complaints from members of the public, including an adequate and speedy complaints handling policy and a whistleblowing policy.
  • Adheres to the IMPRESS Standards Code and will be subject to any proportionate sanctions for breaches of the Code.


Each publisher also provides information about the number of complaints they have handled internally in the past year. This information is made public on each year’s Annual Report. The 2018-19 Annual Report is set to be published on October 2019.

IMPRESS complements the Annual Compliance Returns with ongoing compliance spot checks to make sure all publishers are compliant with the scheme.


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