IMPRESS Launches Code Consultation

IMPRESS has announced the launch of a public consultation into a new Standards Code. The consultation, which begins next week, will include four phases: public workshops to be held in London and Glasgow, quantitative polling of 2000 respondents, expert roundtables in London and Cardiff and a call for submissions on a draft Standards Code.

Once the consultation process is complete, IMPRESS will adopt the new Standards Code to regulate its members.

Jonathan Heawood, IMPRESS CEO said: “This is the first ever national consultation into the ethics of journalism and we are looking forward to having a rich and rewarding discussion with a wide range of people. We have already had a lot of interest from our stakeholders and we know that there is a demand out there for a debate on this issue. The consultation process will be straightforward and transparent. We are keen to hear from all interested parties beginning with the public view and gathering expert opinions from journalists, publishers, academics, freedom of expression campaigners and groups representing all parts of civil society.”

IMPRESS has asked the research and strategy agency, Britain Thinks to facilitate the consultation process. Deborah Mattinson, founding director of Britain Thinks said: “We are delighted to be facilitating this important process. We have helped IMPRESS to design a nationally representative consultation process to discuss a range of principles that promote ethical journalism.”

The IMPRESS Standards Code will be available to any other regulators or media organisations that wish to use it.

IMPRESS welcomes contributions from individuals or organisations wishing to take part in the consultation. Please get in touch at