IMPRESS launches Code Consultation

IMPRESS has launched a public consultation on proposed changes to the IMPRESS Standards Code and Guidance.

IMPRESS invites feedback on proposed Code updates from individuals and organisations both within and outside the journalism industry. The public consultation will be open to responses for 6 weeks until Friday 8 April 2022.

Since November 2020 IMPRESS has engaged with journalists, publishers, members of the public and organisations across civic society to review the rules by which it regulates the news gathering activities of regulated publications.

IMPRESS is now updating its Standards Code to ensure that it remains fit for purpose for the future of journalism. Proposed changes to the Code include updates to reflect the changing nature of journalism online and efforts to make the Code more equitable, by lowering the threshold for what amounts to discrimination and re-centering children’s rights and safeguarding needs when engaging with the media.

Lexie Kirkconnell-Kawana, Head of Regulation at IMPRESS said:

“Much has changed in journalism and broader society since the IMPRESS Standards Code and Guidance was first developed and co-created with the public in 2016. As we seek to update the Code to ensure that it continues to support the needs of journalists, publishers and the public, we welcome feedback on our proposed Code changes from anyone who would like to respond.”

Following the end of the consultation window, the IMPRESS Code Committee will work to finalise a new IMPRESS Standards Code, to be published later this year.

For details of the proposed Standards Code changes and how to respond to the consultation, please visit




IMPRESS regulates 190+ publications in the UK, reaching over 16 million readers in the UK each month. We provide publishers and journalists with the protection and support they need to do their job. We offer complaints adjudication, free arbitration, a comprehensive insurance scheme and a progressive Standards Code. We work in partnership with the public, publishers and key stakeholders to raise the standards of journalism.


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