IMPRESS announces renewed funding to 2022 – PRP opens call for information on cyclical review of IMPRESS

29 November 2018. IMPRESS today announces renewed funding that will sustain the independent regulator until at least 2022. As part of its commitment to transparency and accountability, IMPRESS has published full details of its funding arrangements with the Independent Press Regulation Trust (IPRT), and all other information necessary to confirm IMPRESS’s ongoing independence and effectiveness. 
IMPRESS has now invited the Press Recognition Panel (PRP) to audit this information against the 29 recognition criteria stated in the Royal Charter for self-regulation of the press. This forms part of a cyclical review of IMPRESS’s recognition status which is being undertaken by the PRP, two years after first recognising IMPRESS. The PRP issued a public call for information today to assist them with their review of IMPRESS.

Jonathan Heawood, CEO of IMPRESS, said: ‘We’re grateful to all our members and donors for their commitment to IMPRESS. With this renewed support, we can move into the next phase of our development. In the meantime, we look forward to hearing what our stakeholders have got to say in response to the PRP call for information. The news economy is changing every day and we expect to keep learning and growing too.’
The Royal Charter and the PRP

The PRP was created by Royal Charter following the Leveson Inquiry as part of a new system of regulatory oversight to ensure the freedom of the press whilst also protecting the interests of the public. In October 2016, following a detailed and thorough assessment of an application for recognition from IMPRESS, the independent PRP Board determined that IMPRESS met the 29 criteria in the Royal Charter, so IMPRESS was recognised as an approved regulator.

The Charter requires the PRP to review approved regulators to ensure they continue to meet the Charter’s recognition criteria. A cyclical review must be carried out as soon as reasonably practicable two years after a regulator has been recognised and three yearly thereafter. Being recognised according to these criteria essentially means that IMPRESS is “independent of the print and online publishers it regulates, and is appropriately funded.”

More information about IMPRESS funding arrangements and the safeguards in place to ensure IMPRESS remains financially independent is available here.


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