BLOG | How can charities fight misinformation and conspiracy theories when publishing online?

From climate change and vaccine myths to the rising threats of conspiracy theorists, "deep fake" and "astroturfing," it is likely that the struggle against misinformation will define the next ten years for many communicators - those working for charities and not-for-profit organisations in particular.

In a recent PRCA Charity & Not For Profit Group online panel discussion, IMPRESS CEO Ed Procter joined Grace Rahman (FullFact), Rob Dawson (STEMPRA) and session chair Simon Francis (Campaign Collective), to provide insight on how charities and non-profits publishing online content can fight misinformation and conspriacy theories. 

You can now read tips and advice drawing on the group's discussion, including expertise on the use of caveats and avoiding harm online, in a new blog from PRCA UK.

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