ADVISORY NOTICE: Reporting on Prisoners of War (POW) in Ukraine-Russia Conflict

Friday, 11 March 2022

Given the sensitive and evolving situation, IMPRESS reminds you of your obligations under our Standards Code, in particular clause 7 – Privacy (except where justified by the public interest, publishers must respect people’s reasonable expectation of privacy), with respect to images of any POWs published or broadcast. For example, publishers may choose to pixelate such images so that individuals cannot be identified. A failure to respect this Advisory Notice may be taken into account in any subsequent investigation or adjudication by IMPRESS.

Please also note Article 13 of the Geneva Convention applies to the ongoing armed conflict in Ukraine and requires POW to be protected ‘against insults and public curiosity’.

Further resources supplied from the UK Government and British Red Cross are available for the media (Appendix 1).

If you have any questions about this Advisory Notice or any other issue relating to compliance with our Standards Code or governance requirements, please do not hesitate to contact IMPRESS.


020 3325 4288


Appendix 1