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Publish with integrity

In an ever-changing landscape, we’re working to make sure that news providers can publish with integrity.

Our membership network

Our membership network of around 100 publishers and 200 publications represents a diverse range of communities and interests, enabling publishers, journalists and content creators to connect while benefitting from expert regulatory services, resources and support.

Our trustmark

Our members can display our trustmark as a mark of best practice, alongside support from our passionate team on maintaining high standards and resolving disagreements when needed.

Our conversations

We represent our members in our conversations with government, parliament and other stakeholders and they have access to a network of likeminded journalists and content creators.

Membership benefits
Insurance & arbitration schemes

Protection from legal costs through our arbitration and insurance schemes.

Impress Standards Code

Support to publish high quality content with our progressive journalism Standards Code and complaints-handling service.

Standards advice service

Personalised advice and guidance on business practice, ethics and Impress standards from our specialist staff.

Display the Impress trustmark

The ability to display the Impress trustmark on your regulated print media, websites and social media accounts.

Being part of the Impress network

Connect with our growing network of 100+ independent providers, all committed to publishing with integrity.

Access to exclusive resources

Access to our member’s area, where you’ll find exclusive resources, guidance and details of member-only events and training opportunities.

Who can become an Impress member?

Impress membership is open to UK-based news providers, publishers, freelancers and content creators.

How to join
How much does Impress membership cost?

Impress membership starts from just £50 per year. Find out more by checking out our handy fee calculator.

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