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Guidance'Using Polls and Surveys in your Journalism' (November 2019)

This guidance, created in partnership with the Market Research Society, provides journalists with helpful advice and important things to note when incorporating poll and survey data in your journalism. 

Best Practice NoteOpportunity to Respond (February 2020)

This IMPRESS Best Practice Note is intended to help IMPRESS regulated publishers make difficult editorial judgements about whether to offer people an opportunity to respond before a story about them is published, when that story has the potential to negatively impact on their reputation and/or some aspect of their personal or professional lives.

Online Media Law: The Basics Video Series (IMPRESS Member Exclusive)

Understanding online media law as a publisher and how it impacts your work can often be difficult, while accessing legal information is notoriously costly. 

With this in mind, IMPRESS, in partnership with online media law expert Dr Holly Powell-Jones, has created an informational online media law video series, free and exclusive to IMPRESS members. 

Watch the series trailer:


Please contact for more information on how to access the full series. 

Workshops, Training and Events 

Journalism Trust Initiative workshop - Co-hosted with Reporters Without Borders (September 2019)

Facebook News Day for Independents - Co-organised with Facebook Journalism Project (November 2019)

Trust in Journalism Conference 2019: The World of Independent Publishing (November 2019)



Independent Publishers Taskforce (April-September 2019)





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