16th February 2023
Impress launches new Standards Code to tackle challenges of modern journalism

Impress is proud to reveal our new Standards Code which will ensure our members can report responsibly and continue to serve the valuable functions the public expects of them.

The world is constantly changing so it is important our Code can adapt to the complex issues in the media today and continue to set the benchmark for evidenced and informed news.

After a thorough review process, involving consultation with members of the public, civil society, academics, journalists, and other industry stakeholders, we have implemented a number of changes that will help to build trust and improve safety and accountability in the industry, while covering a wider range of digital news creators.

These include guidance on AI and emerging technologies, tougher measures on tackling misinformation, bolstering our safeguarding guidelines, lowering our discrimination threshold, and ensuring publications are held to account when the Code is breached.

Chair of Impress, Richard Ayre, said:

Headshot of Richard Ayre, Chair of Impress

“With more news, more sources, more publishers, more opinions than ever before, the opportunities for journalism are limitless. But nothing’s easier for a journalist to lose than public trust.

“This new Code sets the highest ethical standards for Impress publishers, large and small, and whatever their point of view, so the public can confidently engage with the news of today, and tomorrow.”

Impress deputy CEO Lexie Kirkconnell-Kawana said:

Headshot of Lexie Kirkconnell-Kawana, Head of Regulation at Impress

“Impress is determined to face the changing nature of journalism head-on; that is why we have updated our Standards Code so that it applies to a wider variety of news creators and their innovative journalism practices.

“Having engaged with folks from all backgrounds in its construction, we are confident the Impress Code can help forge a path to greater trust between the public and the news industry.”


About Impress 

Impress is a champion for news that can be trusted. We are here to make sure news providers can publish with integrity; and the public can engage in an ever-changing media landscape with confidence. We set the highest regulatory standards for news, offer education to help people make informed choices and provide resolution when disputes arise. 

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