Do you believe that a publisher regulated by IMPRESS has breached our Standards Code? We are here to help.


Steps to raising a complaint with IMPRESS:


Make sure of the following: Do we regulate the publisher in question?

We can only handle complaints against publishers who are under our regulation scheme - publishers that are regulated by IMPRESS.

Check the list of publications regulated by IMPRESS for regular updates.


Complain to the publication directly first

Raise your concerns directly with the publisher first. This could be the fastest way to solve your complaint.

We expect the publishers we regulate to have an adequate and speedy in-house complaints procedure. They should make it straightforward to complain, and they should resolve your complaint within 21 calendar days of receiving it*.

If a publisher doesn’t resolve your complaint within 21 days, or you’re not satisfied with their response, move to STEP 3we want to hear from you.

*You can come to us sooner if you believe your complaint is urgent.


Which clause of the IMPRESS Standards Code do you believe the publisher has breached?

Remember that we can only handle complaints which relate to our Standards Code.


Make your complaint

If you believe that a publisher regulated by IMPRESS has breached our Standards Code, and you are not satisfied with their response (STEP 2) make your complaint to IMPRESS by emailing with a summary of your concerns. 


>> To make a complaint, please contact us at 


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Press intrusion                

If you are experiencing press intrusion, you may make a request IMPRESS to issue an Advisory Notice

If you would prefer to speak to one of our staff, please call us on 020 3325 4288, email us at

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