Appointment of a Service Complaint Reviewer


IMPRESS: the Independent Monitor for the Press intends to appoint a Service Complaints Reviewer to carry out the task of examining complaints about the service provided to members of the public or to organisations (publishers) that are the subject of complaint.

In October 2016 IMPRESS became the first regulator to be approved under the post Leveson Royal Charter for self-regulation of the press. IMPRESS began to regulate its first publication in June 2016. Since then membership has grown to 42 publishing organisations, responsible for 73 regulated publications. A further 35 publishing organisations have applied to join IMPRESS and are going through the pre-regulation compliance process. The first members to join IMPRESS are largely drawn from the independent news sector.

During its first year of operation IMPRESS developed a new Standards Code, based on an extensive consultation with the general public, civic society groups, editors and journalists. The new Code is designed for the digital age and seeks to address contemporary issues such as hate speech and fake news.

Selection Criteria

IMPRESS is seeking an individual with:

  • independence of mind and sound judgment;
  • professional experience of analysing complex facts and arguments, and summarising conclusions promptly and succinctly;
  • a clear and direct writing style with excellent written English;
  • experience of having worked in or for a regulator or complaints handling organisation where heated disputes may sometimes arise; and,
  • a clear understanding of the distinction between complaints about the merits of a dispute and complaints about the service provided by a regulatory body or complaints handling organisation.

Terms of Appointment

  • Appointment: by the Board of IMPRESS
  • Term of appointment: 3 years, renewable

IMPRESS intends to structure remuneration by way of:

  1. an initial induction fee of £400 designed to allow the appointee to become familiar with the relevant background to the role and work of IMPRESS;
  2. an annual retainer of £400; and,
  3. a case fee of £400 for each matter referred to the Reviewer on which a report is required and produced.

Applications are invited from suitably experienced and qualified individuals. Those submitting an application should outline how they meet the experience and suitability requirements by Tuesday 12 December. Applications and any enquiries to be sent to Ed Procter, Chief Operating Officer on or 020 3325 4280.